Designer + Illustrator

Since my childhood I have been passionate about creating drawings and symbols.
I grew up and that passion became my profession.

In 1985 I opened my studio where I create logos, visual identities, icons, illustrations and arts for companies, advertising, packaging, products and brands.

I work on each project with much love and dedication, in a highly positive and personality-filled approach.

I graduated in Advertising and specialized in Design and Illustration.
In my studio in Sao Paulo, I have been working for a whole range of clients from different segments, from Brazil and abroad.

If you have any comments, questions or want to talk about a project, please contact me!
It will be a pleasure to have a chat with you!

Morandini Studio | Sao Paulo – Brazil
Tel: (+55 11) 3873.1509 
Whatsapp: (+55 11) 99348.8740
email: morandini@morandini.com.br